24 Hour Rapid Recovery Mini-Incision

Rapid Recovery Mini Incision Procedures and Surgeries by Dr. Stephen Greenberg of Long Island, NY

What is a 24 Hour Rapid Recovery Mini-Incision?

The latest advance in breast augmentation surgery involves improvements in incision techniques that produce the same safe and impressive results with a much faster, more comfortable healing process. The incisions used are quite a bit smaller than those used in traditional breast augmentation procedures, which markedly reduces pain, swelling and bruising around the chest area.

Mini-Incision Benefits

In addition to the use of smaller incisions, this method also entails creating a restricted pocket in which to place the implant. This results in less breast tissue being disturbed during the surgery, and therefore is why the patient has a decreased level of swelling and bruising than what develops in a patient who had the same procedure using the standard incision process. In addition, because the incisions used are smaller, any scarring that forms is even tinier and less noticeable than those produced by a typical breast augmentation procedure.

Another major factor to consider when deciding to have breast augmentation surgery is that the use of traditional incisions necessitates a substantial recovery period. The initial one to two days following the procedure are typically quite painful for many patients. Bandages and compression garments need to be worn for up to 10 days afterward. Patients usually experience general discomfort and require downtime from work and other activities for more than a week.

Healing and Recovery

When the cutting-edge, 24-hour rapid recovery mini-incision process is used, however, almost all breast augmentation patients can return to work and other typical daily activities within 24 hours of the procedure. No bandages or special post-surgery bras need to be worn. Driving, taking walks, dining out and other endeavors that require the use of the arms are not restricted beyond the first 24 hours either. More than 95 percent of those who undergo surgery using this technique are able to raise their arms above their heads while still in the recovery room, which is just not possible for almost anyone who had their breast augmentation performed traditionally.

Any minor discomfort a 24-hour rapid recovery mini-incision patient does experience is almost always quickly and easily resolved with minimal use of over-the-counter pain medication that is taken for only a few days. Your post-surgery instructions will not include the need for bed rest at all. The only activity limitation that is recommended beyond the first day after the procedure is participating in a more vigorous workout, which may be restricted for a longer time period to ensure complete healing.

Am I a Candidate for a 24-Hour Rapid Recovery Mini-Incision?

When a patient is going through a consultation process with her doctor, one of the factors that will be considered is whether she may be a good candidate for 24-hour rapid recovery mini-incisions. Due to its numerous advantages, most potential patients are very interested in having the procedure performed in a way that enables the shortest, most comfortable recovery period possible. While it is a wonderful advanced option for many patients, this technique is not well suited to everyone. Depending on your unique body type, goals for the surgery, specifics of the changes desired and a number of other factors, the surgeon can determine whether this will be the right approach or not.

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