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Breast Augmentation | Axis Portrait 3D | Manhattan | New York City (NYC) | Long IslandOne of the most common requests that breast augmentation patients make is to see what the results of the procedure will look like prior to the actual surgery. The Axis Portrait 3D is a new revolutionary technology that allows patients to see predicted results of breast augmentation almost instantly.

The Axis Portrait 3D provides breakthrough image capture and simulation technology, which gives plastic surgeons the ability to show a patient what they will look like after breast augmentation surgery. The Portrait 3D system platform photographs a patient's body before their breast procedure, captures linear and volumetric measurements and creates an exact three dimensional replica of the patient’s body on screen.

The photo-realistic result can be viewed from all angles and can also be seen in a size-by-side comparison to the patient’s current appearance or other surgery options. Decisions can be adjusted on the spot to most closely meet the patient's needs and expectations. Images produced by the Portrait 3D system can be completely customized for each individual patient, from different implant shapes and sizes to placement options, incision techniques and more. This provides patients and surgeons with the opportunity, for the first time, to make their selections based on the expected outcome on the patient’s unique body prior to any actual procedure being done.

The Axis Portrait 3D is one of the leading surgical simulation tools that provides for a personalized and overall improved consultation and surgical experience.

Benefits of Portrait 3D

The Portrait 3D allows the doctor and patient to clearly communicate and make decisions about the patient's desired goals for breast augmentation. This helps eliminate any misunderstandings, enables the patient to establish realistic expectations and significantly improves patient satisfaction after surgery.

Patients can visualize the results of several different options to find out which one is best for them. Unlike other visualization techniques, the Portrait 3D system allows you to "try on" different options for your own body, to see exactly how you will look after surgery. Implants of various sizes can be used to modify each breast in order to achieve a full and balanced contour. It is a great way to see simulated results to help the patient determine precisely what kind of changes she would like to achieve through breast augmentation surgery.

Portrait 3D Procedure

During a Portrait 3D breast consultation, patients will stand in front of the Portrait system, which will take photos of the patient’s breasts and torso from all angles. Once this process is complete, it takes just a few minutes before the images can be viewed on a computer screen by the doctor and patient.

After the images are taken, they will be automatically transformed into a realistic 3D image of the patient’s body. With this model, the doctor can use the Portrait 3D software to simulate breast augmentation results with a wide range of available options and adjustments, including the size, shape, type and placement of the implants. These changes can be made instantly and compared side-by-side to visually assist the patient and her doctor during the breast augmentation consultation.

Portrait 3D Results

The Portrait 3D system has helped countless women visualize the results of their breast augmentation procedure before undergoing surgery, ensuring a higher level of patient satisfaction and a reduced occurrence of revision surgeries to make further changes to the breasts.

One of the largest sources of anxiety for potential breast augmentation patients is that these women cannot accurately visualize what their results will look like based solely on what their doctor has told them. The Axis Portrait 3D will help reduce the anxiety that patients experience when making a decision as to how to proceed with breast surgery.

To learn more about the Axis Portrait 3D system or to schedule a consultation and view the advantages of this technology for yourself, please call our office today.

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