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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Breast Implant Surgery

December 15, 2015
by editor
Breast Implant Surgery

For women looking to enhance their physical appearance, breast augmentation can be life-changing. It can help you restore and regain your figure, and boost self-esteem. Having breast implant surgery is a big decision, however, so before you jump in, it’s important to do your homework to determine if it is best for you: Have I...  read more

Avoid Sugar when You’re Trying to Lose or Maintain Weight

November 15, 2015
by editor
Avoid Sugar

In this age where you can find temping food on practically every corner, staying trim can be a struggle. In fact, struggle is an understatement. Losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight is a constant battle against sweet temptation. Our bodies have a love-hate relationship with sugars. (Or, more accurately, we may love to consume...  read more

CoolSculpting Puts the Deep Freeze on Fat

October 15, 2015
by editor

Everyone wants to get rid of fat without surgery, but the only way in the past has been exercise and diet modification. And in some cases, pockets of fat simply do not respond, no matter how hard you work. What if you put that fat in a deep freeze? That’s the idea behind CoolSculpting®, a...  read more

What Makes Axis Portrait 3D a Breakthrough Breast Augmentation Treatment?

September 15, 2015
by editor
Axis Portrait 3D

Many women who want to undergo a breast augmentation treatment make a common request to their doctors. They want to see how the output of such a procedure will look like before the actual surgery. Axis Portrait 3D is a revolutionary and advanced technology that can show the predicted outputs of breast augmentation to patients...  read more

Breast Augmentation Recovery Process

August 15, 2015
by blogwriter
Breast Augmentation in New York | Dr. Stephen Greenberg

Breast Augmentation is perhaps one of the most popular and commonly practiced cosmetic surgery processes world-wide. This is indeed an advanced field of medical sciences that is constantly being rediscovered and refined so that women can undergo the surgery, have a quick recovery and get back to their normal routines in the briefest time period...  read more

Breast Implants - Your Options

July 27, 2015
by blogwriter

Breast implants can be used to enhance the shape and/or size of natural breasts through a breast augmentation surgery. While some women choose to get breast implants for cosmetic purposes, other choose to get breast implants for reconstructive purposes. There are numerous choices in breast implants that vary based on the composition, shape, and price....  read more

Understanding Ultrasound-Assisted Lipoplasty

June 30, 2015
by blogwriter

Liposuction or lipoplasty is a surgical procedure in which excess fat is removed from different body parts to contour your figure. There are several different techniques associated with liposuction. One of them is ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, or UAL. In this procedure, the walls of the fat cells in the body are liquefied by transmitting ultrasound vibrations...  read more

Have You Heard of Gummy Bear Implants?

May 11, 2015
by admin

Gummy bear implants are specific type of breast implant that used during breast augmentation procedure. They are also referred to as 'form stable' or 'cohesive' breast implants. One of the most unique aspects of gummy bear implants is that they mimic the teardrop shape of natural breasts. Unlike round implants, gummy bear implants are narrow...  read more

Dr. Greenberg Voted "Best of 2015" on LI!

by editor

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg has been named as's "Best of 2015" ! The votes came directly from the brides and we are very proud of this award! Our Bridal Packages help brides look picture perfect and feel beautifully radiant on their special day with pre-wedding cosmetic surgery and...  read more

JWOWW Thanks Dr. Greenberg for Highlighting Best Asset in her Wedding Dress

by editor

Did you see Jenni Farley’s (aka JWOWW from Jersey Shore fame) blog post about Dr. Greenberg? In it, she thanked him for boosting her confidence as she is thrilled with her breast augmentation surgery. She had a custom wedding dress designed to highlight her décolletage. We think she looks fabulous! We offer many Bridal Packages...  read more

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