Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery by Dr. Greenberg | Manhattan | New York City (NYC) | Long IslandAll of our breast augmentation operations are performed with great care and precision, ensuring that patients can enjoy a quick and healthy recovery. The surgeries take place in a state-of-the-art procedure room that offers the most comfortable and safest environment possible.

Once the surgery is complete, patients are monitored in a recovery room. No overnight stay is necessary and patients are typically discharged within a few hours after the procedure. Postoperative instructions are supplied to all patients before they leave the facility.

New advances in breast augmentation  surgery include the use of a mini-incision technique. Patients who are candidates for this method enjoy a shorter healing and recovery period than traditional techniques require.

Those patients who undergo the procedure with mini incisions also have greater mobility and flexibility around  the chest region immediately following surgery, which allows them to raise their arms above their heads and experience little pain and discomfort postoperatively.

The Postsurgical Healing Period

When traditional incisions are used, breast tissue is stretched and separated during breast augmentation surgery. Due to the fact that the implants are inserted through a relatively large incision, the breasts will be bruised, sore and swollen after surgery. Most patients also feel tired after breast augmentation surgery, but this usually passes in a day or two. Sensation in the nipples may be reduced temporarily, but should return  to normal as the breasts heal. Patients can expect to wear a surgical bra for several days. It may also be recommended that you wear an athletic or support bra until the swelling has subsided.

Using the new mini incision technique, much less downtime is necessary. A follow-up appointment is scheduled for the day after the surgery to evaluate the healing process. Most patients report experiencing very little pain. Any discomfort that does develop typically responds well to over-the-counter pain relievers.  In most cases, a compression garment does not need to be worn.

Normal daily activities can be resumed within a few days of the breast augmentation procedure. The majority of patients are able to return to work the next day as long as it does not require physical exertion. Driving and other light activities are generally permitted in the healing period following surgery.

Heavy lifting or straining and exercise should be avoided after breast augmentation surgery because this can increase pressure on the implants and cause the breasts to swell. Your surgeon will inform you of when it will be safe to resume more vigorous forms of activity. You will also receive instructions on how to care for your breasts following surgery and steps to take to lower your risk of infection.

When necessary, stitches are typically removed in one week to 10 days after breast augmentation. Once healing is complete, some permanent scarring may remain, although scars from breast augmentation incisions will generally begin to fade in a few months and will continue to fade for several years. Scars are usually small and inconspicuous. We strive to make them as unnoticeable as possible.

The results of the breast augmentation are visible as soon as any swelling subsides. The positive changes this brings to a patient’s body shape often create a surge in self-esteem and a newfound confidence in her appearance.

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