Lift Your Assets: How to Choose the Right Bra for Your New Breasts

breast enhancement surgery | long island nyWhether you are going to get breast enhancement surgery done by Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery or you already have, it’s important to make sure that you have the ability to show off your new assets no matter what you are wearing and what you are doing. From choosing the right workout bra to choosing the right strapless bra, this article will discuss some tips and tools to use when shopping for new bras for your new breasts.

Workout Bras
Gone are the days where you could go to the gym without having to put on a workout bra. As one of the most important things that you will wear to your workout, workout bras are not only designed to hold your breasts in place during your workout but they are also designed to support your back as well. When shopping for a new workout bra for your new breasts, make sure that you are getting one that offers your breasts enough support and stability from all angles. For instance, can you do both a jumping jack and push up in your sport bra without them moving anywhere? If so, good. Additionally, look at the back straps of your workout bra— the thicker the straps, the more support they will offer both your breasts and your back.

Everyday Bras
Every woman needs a bra that they can wear everyday that feels comfortable and supportive. When shopping for a new bra for your new breasts, you don’t necessarily have to get a bra that offers padding— because you won’t need it anymore— but you will likely want to look for a bra that has some sort of underwiring that will give your breasts an added layer of support from underneath.

Strapless Bras
As probably the most difficult type of bra to by and find, strapless bras tend to fall off and not give women the support and stability needed. When shopping for a strapless bra, the biggest key is to make sure that it fits both your ribs and breasts properly— this will help to ensure that it doesn’t fall down.

Wearing the right type of bra for the right occasion will help your breasts constantly look best. To learn more about breast enhancement surgery or to schedule an appointment, contact Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery today.

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