Round Breast Implants Vs. Tear Drop-Shaped Breast Implants

 Breast Augmentation Manhattan | NYCMany women make the choice to undergo breast augmentation surgery for various reasons. Some do it to enhance their appearance while others to do it to correct oddly shaped breasts. A lot of the women who go in for such a procedure obviously come in different shapes and sizes, as such, choosing the rightly shaped breast implant becomes very important. For this purpose, plastic surgeons offer two specific shapes in breast implants; round shaped and teardrop shaped.

Round And Teardrop Shaped Implants

If you are planning to go in for a breast augmentation surgery, then you might want to know which implant shape would suit you the most. The following guide provide you with some useful information, along with a discussion with your plastic surgeon.

  • Round-shaped breast implants: This is the most common type of breast implant that almost all women opt for. In fact, it is even referred to as a “traditional” breast implant. Round breast implants are responsible for creating soft, shapely and well positioned breasts. Most models and celebrities go in for this particular shape to get that perfect look. These implants can be found in different size options. They are available in varying diameters and projection sizes, which makes them a convenient fit for any woman's body type or breast size. One advantage with round shaped breast implants is that they can be covered with a smooth  implant shell, which is less noticeable compared to a textured shell. Round breast implants are also more fluid, which means they come very close to looking and feeling natural.
  • Teardrop-shaped breast implants: These kind of breast implants are relatively newer and are commonly referred to as “gummy bear” implants. The silicone gel used to make these implants is much firmer and thicker than the ones used in round shaped implants. They also come in a wide variety of of teardrop shapes such as “tall” ovals or “wide” ovals. This availability of various shapes allows surgeons to find the right match to a woman's anatomy and desired breast shape. It also allows patients to fill a particular area in the breast instead of the whole region.

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