What Makes Axis Portrait 3D a Breakthrough Breast Augmentation Treatment?

Many women who want to undergo a breast augmentation treatment make a common request to their doctors. They want to see how the output of such a procedure will look like before the actual surgery. Axis Portrait 3D is a revolutionary and advanced technology that can show the predicted outputs of breast augmentation to patients almost immediately. In fact, it is this feature of Portrait 3D that has made it a breakthrough in the treatment for breast augmentation. Today, it is one of the top simulation tools that can offer a personalized and holistic surgical and consultation experience.

breast augmentation Manhattan | NYCBenefits of Axis Portrait 3D

• Shows predicted output: The Axis Portrait 3D provides advanced simulation and image simulation technology that enables the plastic surgeons to show their patients how their breasts will look like after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery.

• Clear communication and decision-making: This is a revolutionary technique that allows both the patients and their doctors to communicate clearly and accordingly take decisions about the desired goals of the patients for their breast augmentation. Thus, it also helps in elimination of any miscommunications and misunderstandings and ascertains that the patients can make realistic expectations about the outputs. This also helps in improving the satisfaction level of the patients significantly post surgery.

• Find out the best option: The Axis Portrait 3D can enable the patients to visualize the outputs of several options and then determine which option will be the best one for them. Though there are other visualization techniques, what gives the Axis Portrait 3D an edge over the others is that it allows the patients to try various options and to see how they will look after surgery. Implants of different sizes can be applied so that a balanced and full contour can be achieved. In fact, it is an excellent mechanism for viewing simulated results so that patients can precisely determine the type of change they desire to achieve through the surgery.

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