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Breast Augmentation Long Island, NY

Whether you have small or unevenly proportionate breasts, a breast augmentation may be the perfect solution for you. One of the biggest decisions you will have to make before your breast augmentation is what size of breasts that you want to go with. Typically when patients come into our office they tell us what bra size they would like to end up with and although in a perfect world, we would be able to measure implants like that, they are actually measured in different ways.


How Can I Get the Right Size?

If we can’t measure implants by cup sizes, you may be wondering how on earth you will get the right size then. Our doctor will take your desires and combine them with the optimal placement, type of implant selected, and some other factors to determine what size of implant will give you that cup size.


How Are Implants Measured?

Both saline and silicone implants are measured by their volume in cubic centimeters. A large implant will have a higher cc count while a smaller implant will have a lower count. Implants are anywhere from 120 cc's all the way up to 850 cc’s.


How to Choose the Right Implant

Other than having a cup size in mind, you may be wondering how you can choose an implant that will be proportionate for your body. During your initial consultation, we will ask you a variety of questions including what results that you want from your implants. For instance, do you want to just increase one cup size or are you looking for more dramatic results? What shape of implant do you want? We will take all of these things into consideration when we are helping you choose the size what you want to go with.



Having breast implants that fit your body is one of the things that we strive to give each of our patients. We want all of our patients to get great results that are proportionate to their body. If you want to learn a little bit more about cosmetic surgery, contact us at our New York City office at 516-364-4200.


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