What to Know About Choosing The Shape Of Your Breast Implant

Breast Implant | Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery | Long Island, NY When it comes to getting a breast augmentation done, you may think that you only have one choice to make: the size of implant you want. And although size may be the number one thing you have to decide on, the shape of implant you go with is another big factor to consider. Let’s take a closer look at the different shapes of implants we offer and their unique benefits.

Round Implants

Round implants are the most traditional shape of implant available. Typically, saline and silicone implants are round. One of the benefits of round breast implants is that there is a minimal risk of them rippling which gives them a smoother texture. A lot of patients like round implants because it gives them a more traditional breast implant look. Additionally, round implants tend to look more symmetrical and sit higher on the chest.

The biggest disadvantage of round breast implants, however, is that although they are symmetrical, gravity tends to pull the fullness of the implant downward when the woman is standing— giving a less symmetrical appearance.

Teardrop Implants

Teardrop implants or gummy bear implants have started to gain popularity over the past several years because they give patients a more natural looking shaped breast implant; with a gentle slope at the top of the implant and more volume at the bottom of the breast.

We don’t expect any of our breast augmentation candidates to know the first thing about implants and the type of implant they want before they come into our office. During your initial consultation, we will go over all of your breast implant options and help you choose a size, shape, and texture of implant that will give you the best results possible.

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