Fact or Fiction: Do Breast Lifts Mean Smaller Breasts?

Breast Lifts  New York, NYIt’s easy to believe just about anything you hear— especially when it’s about cosmetic surgery. And although some of what you hear may be true, here are also a lot of falsities floating around as well. One of the biggest misconceptions about breast lifts that we hear at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery is that patients are too nervous to get a breast lift because they think they will have smaller breasts. Although there are some instances where this might be the case, for the most part, that simply isn’t true. To help better explain the answer to this question, let’s take a closer look at the procedure itself.

Whether your breasts have started to lose elasticity due to breastfeeding, extreme weight loss, or even age, it can make your self-esteem suddenly plummet. Luckily, with a breast lift, Dr. Greenberg at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery can remove excess skin and lift your breasts so that they sit higher on your chest.

Combining a Breast Lift with other Procedures

By removing excess skin alone, Dr. Greenberg will not be touching your breast tissue which means that your breast size won’t be impacted. And, because most patients that get a breast lift also get implants, your breast size will either stay the same or increase after your breast lift surgery.

In some cases, where a patient is getting a breast reduction and breast lift, then their breast will decrease in size because the breast tissues and fat are being removed. However, with just a breast lift alone, you won’t have to worry about having smaller breasts in the process.

When it comes to understanding the ins and outs of breast and body procedures, it’s better to ask the professionals like Dr. Greenberg at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery.

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