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3 Signs You Need New Breast Implants

June 15, 2017
by Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery
Breast Implants

Getting breast implants at virtually any stage of life can make you look and feel sexier than you’ve ever imagined. By making you stand a bit taller and helping you look a little more womanly, getting breast implants is hopefully a decision you’ll never regret. However, just as with all good things, they have to...  read more

The Tumescent Approach

April 15, 2017
by Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery
Tumescent liposuction Manhattan | NYC

As one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery, liposuction helps to get rid of unwanted fat on your body. By surgically scraping off the fat and suctioning it out, liposuction can give you results that will have everyone turning their heads. But did you know that there are different forms of liposuction? As...  read more

Ring in the New Year With a Slimmer You

January 15, 2017
by Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery
plastic surgery, New York NY

If you have set new years resolutions to lose weight in 2017, you are not alone. As the most common type of resolution, weight loss goals are what drive people to head to the gym more frequently and to replace cookies with green smoothies. From sticking to an exercise routine to getting liposuction, this article...  read more

Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery a Life-Changing Event?

June 15, 2016
by Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery
plastic surgery

Undergoing cosmetic plastic surgery is an important event no doubt. Most patients who decide to change one or more aspect of their physical appearance do so after a great deal of consideration. While the idea of plastic surgery most often revolves around physical appearance, research indicates there also psychological benefits for most patients. Highlights of...  read more

Choosing the Right Breast Implants for Your Body

May 15, 2016
by editor
Breast implants

Deciding to get breast implants take a big leap on your end, but it is also so exciting to imagine a new more rejuvenated you. If you are considering getting breast implants, it’s important to know what options Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery offers. From gummy bear implants to saline, this article will discuss the three different...  read more

Did you see Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America?

May 1, 2015
by editor

Did you see Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg’s appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America? GMA’s Heat Index piece started by profiling Nicole Eggert, the Baywatch beauty, who opened up about her cosmetic surgery journey. Dr. Greenberg educated Good Morning America’s audience on the three most botched cosmetic surgery procedures. They are: 1.       Rhinoplasty (nose jobs)- too...  read more

Fun Facts About Dr. Greenberg

October 30, 2014
by admin

There are so many things to consider when selecting a plastic surgeon. It's important for the patient to know that their body is in the hands of an award-winning,  highly skilled, trained professional that they can trust. Here are a few fun facts about Dr. Greenberg to help you determine that he's the best doctor...  read more

Dr. Greenberg Uses New NeoGraft System For Hair Transplantation

February 28, 2014
by editor

Dr. Greenberg uses NeoGraft the first and only Class One FDA Listed automated medical system for hair restoration. This system harvests, collects, and implants individual follicular grafts for a natural look.  Follicular unit extraction is the most popular hair restoration procedure. “F.U.E.” or “Follicular-Unit Extraction” is an advanced, minimally-invasive hair transplant method which allows for...  read more

Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg is now offering the most advanced Laser Treatments in his Southampton Office!

January 23, 2014
by editor

Treatments Available For Laser Hair Removal Wrinkle Reduction Skin Tightening Hydrafacial Skin Rejuvenation Skin Resurfacing Cellulite Reduction Liquid Facelift Rosacea Treatment Removal of Dark/Brown Spots Laser Spa Packages and More! Call 631.287.4999 today to schedule your Laser Treatment www.GreenbergCosmeticSurgery.com He wrote the Book, Hosts a Radio Program, is Regularly Consulted by the Media and has...  read more

Dr. Greenberg Voted the Best!!!

January 9, 2014
by editor

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