Is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery a Life-Changing Event?

cosmetic plastic surgery Manhattan | NYCUndergoing cosmetic plastic surgery is an important event no doubt. Most patients who decide to change one or more aspect of their physical appearance do so after a great deal of consideration. While the idea of plastic surgery most often revolves around physical appearance, research indicates there also psychological benefits for most patients.

Highlights of Research

Numerous studies have been conducted on cosmetic plastic surgery. Primarily, investigating the benefits and effects of the various procedures on patient's physical and psychological well-being. One researcher, Dr. Neil Sadick, conducted a series of studies focused on surgical and nonsurgical treatments.

In a study of mastopexy patients, or women who had undergone breast lift surgery, Dr. Sadick found that 95% of patients felt better not only physically but psychologically. These patients reported an enhanced sense of well-being after their procedure.

In a study of a broader range of cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr. Sadick found that patients experienced improvements in life areas such as socialization, relationships, and sex. Six months following their surgery, a large percentage of his patients reported general improvement and overall quality of life. Additionally, he discovered that many patients who undergo cosmetic plastic surgery feel a greater sense of independence that remains months after their procedure.

Dr. Sadick's studies, which he conducted in 2008, were followed by several more conducted by researchers around the world. The common theme across the variety of studies is a significant improvement and feelings of satisfaction and overall wellness. However, this does not mean that every person treated with cosmetic plastic surgery will experience the full extent of these benefits. There's also research to indicate the immense value of realistic expectations.

Keep your Expectations in Check
There are several studies conducted both prior to Dr. Sadick's as well as after that indicate patients with unrealistic expectations are those who gained the least from cosmetic enhancements. Rather than reporting a greater sense of confidence and well-being, these patients tend to report negative emotions and a general sense of dissatisfaction.

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