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Gummy Bear Breast Implants by Dr. Greenberg | Cohesive Breast Implants | Manhattan | New York City (NYC) | Long Island One of the most exciting new developments in breast augmentation surgery is the recently FDA-approved gummy bear implants. A variation on traditional silicone implants, the gummy bear implants earned their moniker because their consistency prior to placement is remarkably similar to that of gummy bear candies.

The main problem that breast augmentation patients may eventually experience after their surgery is the effect that gravity can have on their implants. Over time, gravity can distort the shape of an implant and make them appear more unnatural. This happens because traditional silicone or saline is not a firm  substance, and not specifically formulated to be resistant to the effects of gravity.

What are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Cohesive breast implants, or gummy bear implants as they are unofficially called, are a new generation of silicone implants used for breast augmentation and reconstruction. The difference from previous versions of implants is that the silicone gel has more chemical connections between the silicone molecules so the gel is more firm. In fact, it is firm enough that it retains the intended shape of the implant for a longer period of time, but it is still soft enough to feel similar to existing breast tissue for most patients.

Gummy bear implants have a more natural appearance in many women as well. They are typically less likely to create the rippling in the skin or visible outline that sometimes results from standard types of implants.

Good Candidates for Gummy Bear Breast Implants

In order to be a candidate for gummy bear implants you must first be a good candidate for breast augmentation in general. You should lead a healthy lifestyle that includes not smoking, be fee of any infections and have no problems receiving general anesthetic. You should not currently have any breast disease or be pregnant or nursing. A successful outcome is more likely for those patients able to maintain a healthy body weight. It is also very important to have a good support system of family and friends.

Gummy bear implants are shaped devices; they are designed to have a form that gives a more natural slope to the breast. Unlike non-shaped implants, gummy bear implants look more like real breasts. Gummy bear implants work best in patients who have good skin tone and do not have significant sagging of the breasts. For some constricted breast patients, gummy bear implants can provide a satisfying result if the surgery is performed by a doctor who has experience with highly cohesive implants.

Gummy Bear vs Round Breast Implants

Individuals with thin breast tissue or significant sagging of the breasts are sometimes better treated with a traditional round implant as  opposed to a gummy bear implant. Gummy bear implants are firmer immediately after placement and can take longer to soften than round gel implants. They are shaped devices and if they turn in the pocket, it might be noticeable.

Gummy Bear Breast Implant Results

As with any type of cosmetic procedure, a patient who  undergoes a breast augmentation procedure should set reasonable expectations. Everyone is different and the decision to commit to such a procedure should be thoroughly thought out and the consultation of a credentialed and experienced cosmetic surgeon should be sought before opting for the surgery.

Gummy bear implants can give a very natural result that can  be long lasting. If you are interested in a highly cohesive implant for a breast augmentation, make an appointment with a surgeon who is knowledgeable about highly cohesive implants.

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