3 Facts You May Not Have Known About Liposuction

Liposuction Long Island, NYLosing weight can be full of a lot of ups and downs— even when you finally see the number you never thought you'd see on the scale. If consistent diet and exercise have left you with a few extra pounds of stubborn fat to get rid of, you may be the perfect candidate for liposuction.

Liposuction is designed to help patients who are overweight get rid of unwanted, stubborn body fat by surgically removing it. Does liposuction sound like something that you’ve been wanting to consider learning more about? This article will discuss three little-known facts about this procedure.

There Are Minimal Risks

As soon as people hear the word “surgery,” they tend to think of all of the complications associated with it. And although there are some rare complications with liposuction, one of the many unique benefits of this procedure is that there are only minimal potential risks. Because liposuction is one of the most commonly performed procedures here at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery, it’s rare for patients to experience complications. To reduce complications and risks, follow our surgeon’s before and after tips.

Results Are Visible Right Away

One of the things that many patients aren't aware of with liposuction is that results will be visible immediately— leaving you without any weight time. But, just know that your results will be improved after the swelling and bruising have gone down— which means that things will only get better with some recovery time.

You’ll Feel Better In a Few Days

Even though you won’t be able to get back into exercise or any strenuous activities for about two weeks, patients start to feel a lot better after just a couple of days. In fact, we have seen many of our patients return to work after just a few days of solid recovery.

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