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plastic surgery Manhattan | long islandIf you have set new years resolutions to lose weight in 2017, you are not alone. As the most common type of resolution, weight loss goals are what drive people to head to the gym more frequently and to replace cookies with green smoothies. From sticking to an exercise routine to getting liposuction, this article will discuss a few of the weight loss options that you have. Read on to learn more.

Stick to a Routine

There are two ways that you can naturally lose weight: you can change your diet and workout more. If you are trying to burn extra calories by working out, compose a workout plan that you can stick to. For instance, if you haven’t worked out in years, try easing into it by doing light cardio and weights three times a week. Although many people may jump into a high-intensity interval workout, that isn’t necessarily something that may be sustainable for you, your body type, and your lifestyle. Remember that as long as you stay consistent and continue to push yourself; the weight is bound to come off.

Eat More Protein

Most people eat a diet high in sugar and carbohydrates. Although your body needs some carbohydrates to get fuel to move, your body needs a lot less than you are likely giving it. As a great way to lose weight, try replacing your carbohydrates with protein. For instance, rather than having cereal or toast for breakfast, try having egg whites and some chicken sausage. The more lean protein your body has, the easier it is to burn fat and replace it with muscle.

Consider Liposuction

If you have been sticking to a strict exercise and diet plan, but you still have stubborn areas of fat around your body you may want to consider getting liposuction. As a simple surgical procedure, liposuction involves scraping away fat cells in your body and suctioning them up with a vacuum-like a device. With immediate results, patients who get liposuction are beyond happy.

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Get the body you have always wanted this year by sticking to an exercise routine, eating more protein, and considering getting liposuction. To learn more about liposuction or other ways you can get lose weight, contact the experts at Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery.




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