Dr. Stephen Greenberg And The Axis Portrait 3D

Getting an idea of what a patient’s body is going to look like is an important aspect of plastic surgery. Whether an individual is looking to make a major change to their face or is in the process of enhancing their figure, having a true sense of what’s waiting at the end of the process is important. The Axis Portrait 3D is a major leap forward in helping patients get a sense for where their plastic surgery options can lead, as well as discussing the entire process with the patient, step by step.

plastic surgery Manhattan | long islandIntroducing the Axis Portrait 3D

The Axis Portrait 3D is the latest technological enhancement to aid potential patients in getting a sense of predicted results due to plastic surgery. Dr. Stephen Greenberg makes use of the Axis Portrait 3D to aid his patients in this way. The Axis Portrait 3D provides a photorealistic platform from which doctors can build a result.

The 3D Portrait technology helps patients communicate and make decisions about their surgery, while getting real-time feedback at every step of the way.

Providing a full-balanced image for a person’s body contour is one of the most important tools in electing for surgery.

The Axis Portrait 3D Process

Patients stand before the Portrait system, which then takes multiple photos from different angles. From there, the system renders an image based on the photos and creates a three-dimensional image of what the patient’s body looks like.

Using this three-dimensional model, Dr. Stephen Greenberg can then compare different results side-by-side with the patient, highlighting the differences between certain procedures and aspects of the surgery. Dr. Greenberg takes placement, size, shape and more into consideration when highlighting potential revision surgeries.

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